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  • 2 ноября 2012

    Эхо «Норд-Оста»

    Сегодня Лефортовский суд Москвы удовлетворил жалобу адвоката Игоря Трунова на отказ Следственного комитета России в том, чтобы возбудить уголовное дело в отношении должностных лиц, допустивших...

  • 20 марта 2006

    Metro Plot Foiled After Dubrovka

    Monday, March 20, 2006. Issue 3374. Page 3. By Simon Saradzhyan Staff Writer Two suicide bombers were to have blown themselves up in the Moscow metro right after Chechen rebels seized the...

  • 11 марта 2005

    Cleric Is Picked as Rebel Leader

    Cleric Is Picked as Rebel Leader Little-known Chechen cleric Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev will take over as interim rebel leader after Aslan Maskhadovs death earlier this week, rebel envoy Akhmed Zakayev...

  • 15 февраля 2005

    One Year Later, A Requiem for Transvaal

    By Kevin OFlynn and Oksana Yablokova Staff Writers As a snow-flecked wind howled around what remains of the Transvaal water park, a small church choir sang hymns at a memorial service a few...

  • 9 февраля 2005

    Bure Sues Cosmetics Chain Over Sex Report

    By Maria Levitov Staff Writer Hockey heartthrob Pavel Bure is suing Arbat Prestizh for 300 million rubles ($10.66 million) after the cosmetics chains free promotional paper ran an article in...

  • 1 января 2004

    Hostage lawsuits rejected

    A Moscow court rejected on Thursday the first three lawsuits by victims seeking multi-million dollar damages after last October's theatre siege nightmare, leaving little hope for other plaintiffs. ...

  • 1 января 2004

    City Denies Responsibility at Dubrovka

    A Moscow city official said Wednesday that the municipal government would not take any responsibility for damages suffered by people who were taken hostage in the Dubrovka theater or by their...

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